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Terves Launches Industry’s First High-Temperature Dissolvable Alloy for Operating Temperatures up to 300°F (150°C)

November 13, 2017

Terves Inc. (“Terves”), the largest manufacturer of Dissolvable Materials for the Oil and Gas industry, is pleased to announce the launch of Oil and Gas industry’s first High-Temperature Dissolvable Alloy, TervAlloy-HT (High Temperature), that is engineered to offer excellent mechanical properties and reliable dissolution at 300 Degrees Fahrenheit (or 150 Degrees Celsius).

“All the currently available Dissolvable Alloys see a 50-70% drop in mechanical properties at 300°F compared to their standard operating temperature of 100-150°F; whereas, we have been able to engineer our TervAlloy-HT to offer properties similar to industry leading TervAlloy TAx-100E Alloy at significantly higher operating temperature. This is a significant step towards Interventionless Tooling being used across any oil and gas operating environment, especially since oil and gas completion and production is witnessing higher operating temperatures every year. We are confident that thousands of new frac plugs, frac balls and other completion tools will be manufactured using our TervAlloy-HT dissolvable alloy. As far as competing products in the High Temperature Dissolvable space are concerned, there are none, we are the only solution that works without a loss in mechanical and dissolution properties,” said Andrew Sherman, CEO, Terves Inc.

Geared primarily towards high temperature environments in the Utica and Montney Shale, Gulf of Mexico, Middle East and offshore; TervAlloy-HT can be purchased in a broad range of shapes in lengths up to 48 inches, and in frac ball configurations up to 4.95 inches in diameter. TervAlloy-HT is available today for frac balls, frac plugs and other dissolvable tools that are used in high temperature environments.

“Our product development efforts are always driven by the challenges encountered by our customers, and we began development of TervAlloy-HT when several key customers asked us for a dissolvable alloy for high temperature applications. Our customer-driven product-focused research and development pipeline includes several new dissolvable alloys and metal matrix composites, highly-engineered proppants, energetics and other products”, continued Andrew.

Click here to download the TervAlloy-HT (High Temperature) Brochure.

About Terves

Terves is the technology and cost leader in the development, manufacturing and sale of Engineered Response materials for the oil and gas industry. Terves’ Engineered Response materials respond to their environment to “do something specific”, such as dissolve, change dimensions, generate force or heat, destroy chemicals or bacteria, and/or other specific actions based on change in time, temperature, pressure and/or other triggering agents.

Terves is the leading manufacturer of dissolvable metals and dissolvable polymers that are used for making frac balls, plugs, slips, seals and several other components used in oil and gas well completion and production; and have been used for completing tens of thousands of stages in North America, Europe, South America Asia and MENA regions. Terves’ product portfolio also includes highly-engineered specialty proppants, expandable materials, acoustic imaging tools, thermites and structural reactive materials, net-shaped ceramic-metallic (cermet) nanocomposites, and high energy density supercapacitors. Terves is a strong research-based and product-focused organization that works with oil and gas majors, operators, EPC’s and OEM’s to commercialize existing products and develop new compelling products for some of the most critical challenges in oil and gas exploration, production and completion.

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