Solutions - Down Hole Applications

Down Hole Applications

Drilling deeper and horizontally has become more viable in many reservoirs. Successfully completing these deeper gas reservoirs and horizontal wells, however, is still a challenge the industry faces on a daily basis. As drilling technology continues to exploit these more complex and unconventional reservoirs, completion technology is being designed and developed to effectively fracture and stimulate multiple stages along a horizontal wellbore. The growth in multi-stage fracturing has been tremendous over the last four years due to completion technology that can effectively place fractures in specific places in the wellbore. By placing the fracture in specific places in the horizontal wellbore, there is a greater ability to increase the cumulative production in a shorter time frame.

The United States of Shale Gas

Horizontal drilling has advanced significantly over the last decade to become the field development method of choice in many cases. However, certain limiting technologies in the completion of horizontal wells have slowed that growth in some reservoir applications. These might include reservoirs with extremely tight shale formations that require specific fracturing treatments at certain intervals to make them economic to produce.