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Frac Balls

Terves offers 3 different Tervalloy Frac Balls for use in down hole applications. The balls can be machined to meet 0.003 tolerance. Ball sizes between 1” to 4.5” can be manufactured to customer specifications and sizes.

The Value Leader

Terves believes you will not find a better value in your ball selection from ease of use, product consistency, price and robust handling. In the field, TervAlloy is the go-to choice for excellent repeatable performance. Works great in ball drop systems – no weight or dimension loss at ambient temperatures in both 50/50 alcohol/tap water, and 100% tap water conditions. Ask our competition to place their balls in the drop system for an hour and then wipe them off, dimension check them and reuse.


Our standard product 3” ball dissolves in about 100 hours at 3%KCL and 90°C and be unseated on an 1/8” seat in around 8 hours. Works even at low temperatures. Try to dissolve a PGA BAll at 30°C (86°F).


A product when you are running hot or need more time on seat. TAx-50E offers the user longer time on seat before the ball dissolves through. About 2x the time as TAx-100E with the same mechanical performance.

Z1000 (Acid Dissolving)