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Partner with Terves

Terves is the partner of choice for several of the leading oil and gas majors, service companies and OEM. Terves has a proven history of developing new and proprietary products and solutions for some of the most compelling problems faced in oil and gas exploration, completion and production.

Terves’ ability to quickly and cost-effectively ideate, develop, test, validate and then manufacture and deploy products and solutions at scale is what drives some of the largest companies in the oil and gas companies to trust Terves to solve their most critical operational challenges. Since, its inception Terves and its parent company Powdermet have worked with over 50 Fortune 500 companies to develop new products and solutions. Unlike other R&D organizations that are focused on research, Terves is a product-focused organization and works with the end-goal of developing a high-value solution that can be deployed at scale.

If you have a problem seeking a material science solution, please contact us.

Research & Development

We at Terves Inc. pride ourselves on the ability to quickly add new products and improve our current products through our advance R&D program. Terves is currently working with several oil and gas majors and leading service companies to develop compelling solutions for their specific challenges. If you are facing a critical challenge that requires a material-science solution, please contact us to see how we can help.

Some of our past R&D Projects for Customer’s Include:

  • Development of interlocking proppants for water injection wells
  • Green, intrinsically safe propellants
  • Reactive energetics for wellbore cleanup
  • Coatings for dissolvables that enable acid fracking
  • In-situ delivery of energy through proppants
  • Expandable alloys that enable efficient well-bore completion and production
  • High-energy density capacitors for pulse power devices

Terves also provides a range of testing services and technical support, including but not limited to:

  • Dissolution testing – samples to full plugs
  • Pressure/plug testing
  • Frac ball and seat testing