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Engineered Dissolving Metals for Parts and components

The TervAlloy system is compatible with existing sleeves and can be machined into a variety of shapes. Balls and other components can be machined and kept to tolerances of 0.003”. Eliminate drillouts and flowback. Harness the cost savings and increased production speed that dissolvable tools offer.

Need higher pressure differentials? TervAlloy High Strength frac balls, tools & tubulars available.

  • Reactive Warheads and Missile Cases
  • High strength Frac Balls
  • Standard and high-strength completion tools like sleeves, screens and cylinders
  • Plugs, pins, gates/valves, rods, screws and tubing
  • Any machinable, extrudable, or stampable form
  • Dissolvable enhanced completion tools
  • Triggered perforated sleeve with integral fracture aids
  • Dissolving/disintegrating shaped charge liners/EFP’s
  • High density Structural energetics (consumable cases, reactive fragments/EFP’s)