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ElementUM™ Dissolvable Elastomer

ElementUM™ Dissolvable Elastomer

ElementUM™ is a family of patent-pending high-performance, moldable and machinable elastomer that is designed to fragment and dissolve to tiny particles after exposure to downhole brine and fluids. Unlike competing dissolvable elastomers, polymers, and rubbers that primarily degrade (lose hardness) without losing weight, forming a slime or jelly that could plug when mixed with sand; ElementUM™ loses (dissolves) about ~80% of its weight over a period of days in standard well conditions and disintegrates leaving ~20% of very fine filler particles.


  • True Dissolution – Dissolves into fine granules and loses weight
  • Moldable and Machinable
  • Allows creating components of any shape and size
  • Gets the job done and then dissolves and goes away
  • Does not require drill-outs
  • Enables extended laterals

Our first product, ElementUM™ DE50, and our latest product that loses weight and dissolves into fine granules, ElementUM™ DE60, is available today in a variety of sizes and can be machined to print. If you have an interest in learning more about this exciting product, please download the ElementUM™ DE50 and ElementUM™ DE60 brochures to learn more.