Products - Response Coatings for Delayed or Triggered Dissolution

Response™ Coatings

Response™ Coatings for Delayed or Triggered Dissolution

Our patent-pending Response™ Coatings delay dissolution of TervAlloy™ products to eliminate the possibility of premature dissolution enabling longer laterals and can also protect the TervAlloy™ dissolvable products from any acids or chemicals to enable efficient operations. Terves has in-house capabilities for coating any dissolvable oilfield tool or component with our Response™ Coatings. We are also developing a family of wear-resistant coatings that can extend life of dissolvable components in abrasive applications.


  • Eliminates the possibility of premature dissolution
  • Allows the design freedom to delay or slow the dissolution of certain portion of the component
  • Protects the dissolvable material from exposure to acids or chemical which may be required as part of the stimulation treatment
  • Enables longer laterals
  • Lowest life cycle cost solution
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A

Response™ Coatings are available today in two different compositions, Response™-P and Response™-T to meet your needs. If you have an interest in learning more about this exciting product, please download the brochure to learn more: