HybriMet™ Net-Shaped Nanocomposite Cermet


HybriMet™ Net Shaped Nanocomposite Cermet

Our patented HybriMet™ is the first commercially available hierarchical nanocomposite cermet, which provide low friction in low/no viscosity lubrication system. HybriMet™ is fabricated using spark plasma sintering on nano tungsten-carbide and titanium-nitride cermets. HybriMet™ materials are consolidated using proprietary processes and are easily castable in a variety of shapes and can be machined to tight tolerances. HybriMet™ forms fully dense blocks of nanocomposite cermets with precisely arranged distributions of ceramic nanoparticles in a metal binder. This revolutionary combination of properties represents the “holy grail” – the hardness and strength of ceramics with the toughness of steel — which has never been achieved before, despite 50 years of sustained research and development in consolidating composites.


  • First commercially available hierarchical nanocomposite consolidated cermet
  • Available in any net-shape
  • Super high-hardness and high-toughness combined in a single structure
  • Very low friction
  • Lowest life cycle cost solution
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A

HybriMet™ is currently in the final stages of qualification and will be commercially available shortly. If you have an interest in learning more about this exciting product, please download the brochure to learn more.